Monthly Archives: June 2016

Food Safety Preparation for a Power Outage

Use these tips to minimize food loss and reduce your risk of foodborne illness after a power outage or flood.

emPOWER Map – Power Outage Risk Map

Over 2.4 million Medicare beneficiaries rely upon electricity-dependent medical and assistive equipment—such as ventilators and wheel chairs—in our communities. Severe weather and disasters that...

Having multiple sources to receive weather warnings

Having multiple sources to receive weather warnings is smart! Relying on only one leaves you vulnerable if there is a power outage, system failure, or if you are "out of range".

Don’t Cross Flooded Low Water Crossings (Video)

Another example of not to drive through low water crossings. Even though the water might be low – the road can collapse at any time. TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN!

Heat Illness Emergency Symptoms

Heat emergencies or illnesses are caused by exposure to extreme heat and sun. Heat illnesses can be prevented by being careful in hot, humid weather.

Understanding Severe Weather Hazards

Tornadoes, large hail, strong winds, heavy rain, and lightning are all hazards associated with severe weather. Before severe weather strikes make sure that you're...

Rip Current Safety and Awareness

Heading to the beach soon? When going in for a swim, be alert to the signs of rip currents. Don't get dragged out to sea! Remember, your chances of surviving a rip current -- or any other beach-related hazard -- are greatly increased if you're swimming off a beach staffed by lifeguards.