Space Weather – Global Geomagnetic Activity – Live Report


The term “space weather” was coined to describe the dynamic conditions in the Earth’s outer space environment, in the same way that “weather” and “climate” refer to conditions in Earth’s lower atmosphere.

Space weather includes any and all conditions and events on the sun, in the solar wind, in near-Earth space and in our upper atmosphere that can affect space-borne and ground-based technological systems.

Measuring and analyzing space weather is important to our national economy because solar storms can affect the advanced technology we have become so dependent upon in our everyday lives. Energy and radiation from solar flares and coronal mass ejections can also harm astronauts in space.

Below is the latest news on geomagnetic storms and solar flares including risks to electrical grids, astronauts, satellites and more.

  • Fake space weather news, coronal hole stream arrives March 14, 2018
    There has been a lot of crazy news going around about a possible severe geomagnetic storm today and tomorrow which could knock out satellites, cause problems with your health and damage power grids and other total made up nonsense like equinox cracks in the Sun. Fake news if you'd like.
  • Coronal hole faces Earth March 11, 2018
    A thin east-west aligned northern hemisphere coronal hole is facing our planet today.
  • Active geomagnetic conditions due to CME passage March 10, 2018
    The coronal mass ejection that we discussed back on Wednesday arrived yesterday evening at Earth.
  • Hyped CME, Coronal hole stream inbound March 7, 2018
    There has been a little bit of a hype on social media about a possible earth-directed coronal mass ejection (CME) coming our way. The plasma cloud isn't a myth and comes from a strange eruption late on 5 March but it was hardly noticeable on SDO.
  • SpaceWeatherLive is now available in Estonian! February 23, 2018
    Just a mere week after we introduced the Italian version of SpaceWeatherLive we are super proud to announce our tenth language! After English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Russian and Swedish we are very happy to be able to introduce to you SpaceWeatherLive in the Estonian language!
  • SpaceWeatherLive is now available in Italian! February 16, 2018
    It has been hardly one and a half month since we added the Russian language to SpaceWeatherLive but we are super proud that we once again are able to present SpaceWeatherLive to you in a new language! Our website is now available in Italiano! Yes, in Italian! This is the 9th language already that we can offer to our visitors. The other eight languages that w […]
  • Weak CME impact February 15, 2018
    The anticipated coronal mass ejection from the C1.5 solar flare back on Monday has arrived at Earth.
  • Coronal hole faces Earth February 14, 2018
    A northern hemisphere coronal hole is facing our planet today.
  • C-class solar flare, Earth-directed CME February 12, 2018
    Sunspot region 2699 has been transiting the earth-facing solar disk the past few days but was relatively quiet. However, today just past midnight, this sunspot region started to erupt with a long duration C-class solar flare. The solar flare started at 00:15 UTC and peaked at 01:35 UTC with a maximum measured X-ray flux of C1.5. Not a mighty impressive value […]
  • New and improved site January 20, 2018
    SpaceWeatherLive is proud to present a brand new version of the website! For the last few months we’ve been very hard at work behind the scenes rewriting (literally) all of the pages to improve the whole website in many ways. Together with all the improvements in speed, code and a bunch of other stuff we also introduced a modernised look and feel for the who […]