Oklahoma City’s Tornado Siren Policy


Tornado SirenIf you live in Oklahoma City, you need to be aware that there are some big changes in the way the city uses their outdoor warning sirens. NWS Norman worked with OKC to develop a new system that divides the city into zones. When our office issues a tornado warning, only the sirens in zones covered by that warning will sound.

Residents and visitors don’t need to know what zone they’re in, only to immediately take shelter and get more information if they hear a siren.

This is big change from the old policy and we think it will help reduce the number of people being warned unnecessarily.

REMEMBER – these sirens are ONLY intended to alert people who are outdoors! They are not designed to be heard inside a building, or to wake you up. Be sure you have multiple ways (besides sirens) to get a warning.

YouTube Video

OKC Emergency Manager Frank Barnes explains Oklahoma City’s new Tornado Siren Policy.


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