Emergency Ready – New Year’s Resolution Actions

Wireles Emergency Alert[2]

NWS Emergency Ready – New Year’s Resolution Actions

  • Resolve to stay alert to dangerous weather!
  • Make sure Wireless Emergency Alerts are enabled on your mobile phone. These alerts can save your life!
  • If you haven’t turned them off, great! You’re already weather-ready!
  • If you know you turned them off in the past or aren’t sure, go into your phone’s settings and check your notifications to make sure these alerts are turned on.[1]

WEA-Capable Phone

If you have a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA)-capable phone and your wireless carrier participates in the program. For information about which mobile devices are WEA-capable and carrier participation, please visit http://www.ctia.org/wea or contact your wireless carrier.

Here is a list of participating carrier websites. If your provider is not listed, it is likely working to make the alerts available for its customers soon.

Seniors and the Disabled

If you are a senior or have disabilities, AccessWireless.org is the comprehensive website to help you find the best wireless device (and service) for your needs.

Other Resources

Weather Ready Nation – Wireless Alerts: The purpose of NOAA’s Weather-Ready Nation initiative is first and foremost to save lives and protect livelihoods by providing useful, relevant, actionable information to partners and the American public. www.weather.gov/wirelessalerts

Video – Wireless Emergency Alerts:
A 30-Second Broadcast Public Service Announcement about Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) brought to you by the Ready Campaign and the Ad Council. WEAs are emergency messages sent by local authorized government authorities through wireless carriers’ networks. The alerts include a unique sound and vibration, are no more than 90 characters, and instruct specific actions individuals should take. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDpcGypv2_U

Also in Spanish (Espanol): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqmf0gR_JR8




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