Natural Hazards – Groups, Categories, Types and Sub-Types


Natural hazards are divided into six main groups: Biological, Climatological, Extra-Terrestrial, Geophysical, Hydrological, and Meteorological. Each category can have multiple hazard categories, types and sub-types.

Table: Natural Hazards - Groups, Categories, Types and Sub-Types

Hazard Group

Hazard Category

Hazard Type

Hazard Sub Types

HydrologicalMass Movement WetAvalancheSnowslip, Debris flow
MeteorologicalCycloneCyclone - TropicalTropical Storm, Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone
Climatological Drought 
Geophysical Earthquake 
Biological Epidemic/Pandemic Plague
ClimatologicalExtreme TemperatureExtreme ColdIcing, Wind Chill
ClimatologicalExtreme TemperatureExtreme Heat 
Biological Famine 
Hydrological FloodFlash Flood, Dam Failure
ExtraterrestrialSpace WeatherImpact EventAsteroid, Comet, Meteoroid, Air Burst
Biological InfestationInsect, Animal
GeophysicalMass Movement DryLandslide/Mass MovementDebris flow, Mudflow, Lahar
Hydrological Limnic Eruption† 
MeteorologicalLocal - Convective StormSevere ThunderstormDerecho, Wind Storm
ExtraterrestrialSpace WeatherSolar EventSolar Wind, Solar Flare, Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)
Hydrological Storm Surge 
GeophysicalMass Movement DrySubsidence/SinkholeCave-in
MeteorologicalLocal - Convective StormTornado 
Hydrological Tsunami 
Geophysical Volcanic Eruption 
ClimatologicalFire WeatherWildfireRed Flag Conditions
Meteorological Winter StormExtratropical Cyclone, Nor'easter, Snow Storm, Blizzard