Types of Emergency Alert Warning Technologies


During emergencies, the importance of our country’s communications systems becomes essential. The emergency alert communications systems include the wireline and wireless telephone networks, broadcast and cable television, radio, Public Safety Land Mobile Radio, satellite systems and increasingly the Internet.

Table. Types of Emergency Alert Warning Communications Technologies

There are three main types of Emergency Alert Warning Communications Technologies:

Outdoor Indoor Mobile
Sirens – civil defense siren (also colloquially referred to as an air raid or tornado siren)
PA/intercoms, Fire alarms
Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS)
PA speakers, Voice sirens
911 calls (wireline or landline) processing and delivery through Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and call dispatch
Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)
Digital signs
Radio and/or broadcast or cable television station news and updates
Emergency Alert System (EAS)
Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)
National Warning System (NAWAS)
NOAA Weather Radio (NWR)
Text telephone devices (TTYs) – allow persons with speech or hearing disabilities to send and receive text messages over telephone networks.