Human-made Hazards – Categories, Types and Sub-Types


Human-made hazards can be categorized into six main types: Engineering Incidents, HazMat Incidents, Nuclear/Radioactive Incidents, Interpersonal Incidents, and Terrorism Incidents. Each type also can have multiple hazard sub-types.

Table: Human-made Hazards Categories, Types and Sub-Types

Hazard Category Hazard TypeHazard Sub-Types
TechnologicalEngineering IncidentsStructural/Systems Incidents
  • Flaws, Failures, Collapses, Explosions, Fires

  • Bridge, Dam & Levee Failures

  • Mining Incidents

  • Oil Platform Incidents

  • Infrastructure Incidents
  • Outages and/or Failures (Communication, Electrical, Power, Utility, Water, Cyber-Security)

  • Transportation Incidents
  • Road, Rail, Water, Air, Space

  • Technological HazMat IncidentsIndustrial/Transportation Incidents
  • Hazardous Material Spill/Release (Chemical, gas, oil, etc. into air, water, land)

  • Technological Nuclear/Radioactive IncidentsNuclear Facility Incidents
  • Nuclear Power Plant Incidents

  • Sociological Interpersonal IncidentsViolent Incidents
  • Crime, Arson

  • Civil Disorder (Demonstrations, Strikes, Riots, Prison Breaks)

  • Military Conflicts, Mass Killings, Genocide, Displaced Populations

  • Sociological Terrorism IncidentsTerrorist Attacks
  • Explosive-Device, Arson, Unconventional

  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear

  • Cyber-Infrastructure, Agro-Terrorism