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Engineering Incidents – Links and Resources

Engineering disasters occur because of flaws in design, human error, and certain uncontrollable situations. View additional resources on engineering disasters:

emPOWER Map – Power Outage Risk Map

Over 2.4 million Medicare beneficiaries rely upon electricity-dependent medical and assistive equipment—such as ventilators and wheel chairs—in our communities. Severe weather and disasters that...

Power Outages – Mitigation (Actions Before, During, After)

A widespread power outage can have a major impact on a community, compromising emergency services, water supplies, and the ability to purchase commodities like gasoline or food.

Engineering Incidents – Types and Classifications

An engineering incident is a major error, outage, or failure of an engineered structure or system which results in severe harm to people, their surroundings, and/or the environment: Full Article...

Engineering Incidents – Introduction

n engineering disaster is an event caused by a malfunction of a structure or system and/or some human error in controlling or handling the technology. Engineering hazard incidents include failures, power outages, dam and infrastructure failures.