Tags Famines/Food Insecurity

Tag: Famines/Food Insecurity

Food Safety Preparation for a Power Outage

Use these tips to minimize food loss and reduce your risk of foodborne illness after a power outage or flood.

Food Insecurity & Famines – Links and Resources

A list of charitable organizations that primarily target world hunger. Excluded are organizations that primarily focus on one city or one local area.

Food Security – Types and Classifications

While many countries worldwide face food security crises, with large numbers of people hungry and unable to find enough food, only rarely do the conditions meet the humanitarian community’s formal criteria for a famine. A famine can be declared only when certain measures of mortality, malnutrition and hunger are met.

Food Insecurity & Famines – Introduction

Throughout history, famines, or food-security emergencies, have been linked to many of the most severe crises of humanity. Even with a collective effort, the reaction of the world community to intense food crises fails to address the long-term impacts of famine.