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Tag: Landslides/Mass Movements

Landslides/Mass Movements – Mitigation (Actions Before, During, After)

Do you live in a landslide risk area or do you in an area where landslide has occurred? The following actions are some important recommendations that you can follow through each stage of a Landslide or Mass Movement emergency:

Landslides/Mass Movements – Vulnerability Assessment

Assess your vulnerability to the threat of a Landslide/Mass Movement to your family and property, perform an assessment to determine if you have knowledge of, are prepared and/or have a plan.

Landslides – Warning Alert Notifications

Landslide watches and warnings may be issued by the USGS for discrete areas, and include advice about contacting an area's local emergency centers. Watches and warnings for rainfall-induced debris flows are weather dependent and will closely track National Weather Service (NWS) watches and warnings for flash flooding.

Landslides/Mass Movements – Types and Classifications

Landslides occur in many manifestations and are usually classified according to the type of material involved and the mode of downslope movement.  The material...

Landslides/Mass Movements – Introduction

Landslides are sudden, short-lived geomorphic events that involve the rapid-to-slow descent of soil or rock in sloping terrains. The term landslide includes a wide range of ground movement, such as rock falls, failure of slopes, and debris flows.