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Tag: Nuclear-Radioactive Incidents

Terrorism (Radiological Attack) – Mitigation (Actions Before, During, After)

Depending on the speed at which the area of the RDD detonation was evacuated or how successful people were at sheltering-in-place, the number of deaths and injuries from an RDD might not be substantially greater than from a conventional bomb explosion.

Terrorism (Nuclear Attack) – Mitigation (Actions Before, During, After)

If there were threat of a nuclear attack, people living near potential targets could be advised to evacuate or they could decide on their own to evacuate to an area not considered a likely target. Protection from radioactive fallout would require taking shelter in an underground area or in the middle of a large building.

Nuclear Power Plant Incidents – Mitigation (Actions Before, During, After)

No immediate health effects would be expected in the general public from a nuclear power plant accident. That is because the amount of radiation present would be too small to cause immediate injury or illness. However, there is a risk of long-term health effects and cancer may develop many years after the exposure.

Nuclear Plant Incidents – Vulnerability Assessment

To assess your vulnerability to the threat of a Nuclear Plant Incident to your family and property, perform an assessment to determine if you have knowledge of, are prepared and/or have a plan by answering certain questions.

Nuclear Power Plant Incidents – Warning Alert Notifications

Although the construction and operation of nuclear power plants are closely monitored and regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), accidents are possible and severe accidents are very rare. A nuclear plant emergency could result in dangerous levels of radiation that could affect the health and safety of the public living near the nuclear power plant.

Nuclear/Radiactive Incidents – Links and Resources

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Nuclear/Radioactive Incidents – Notable

Table of nuclear power plant accidents with more than $140 million in property damage:

Nuclear/Radioactive Incidents – Types and Classifications

Nuclear or radiation emergencies may be intentional (e.g., caused by terrorists) or unintentional. Some examples of different types of radiation emergency incidents that could happen in your area are:

Nuclear/Radioactive Incidents – Aspects and Features

Radioactive contamination and radiation exposure could occur if radioactive materials are released into the environment as the result of an accident, an event in...

Nuclear/Radioactive Incidents – Introduction

Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant, MN Read More A radioactive or nuclear incident occurring within the U.S. homeland or elsewhere could take a number of forms, including: contamination...